How It Works

Here's how we reduce returns and increase conversions.


Shoppers don’t want to spend time answering lengthy questionnaires. Our questions take less than 30 seconds to answer.


Our proprietary algorithm determines the customer’s full set of body measurements, often more detailed than what a tailor would provide.


Use the data to virtually fit your customer for made-to-measure clothes or recommend their best ready-to-wear size.


Learn more about your customers than ever before. Use this data to better target customers and sell more to existing customers.

28% of all clothes purchased online are returned

About Fashion Metric

A new way to solve an old problem

Fashion Metric in a nutshell

Fashion Metric is a big data SaaS solution for apparel retailers and brands to gather intelligence about their customers and personalize the online apparel shopping experience. By deploying a comprehensive technology to calculate a customer's full set of body measurements in seconds, we help customers get measured for custom clothing or select the best ready-to-wear size.

We empower retailers and brands with the continuous data analytics and collection of their customer fit profile data, acting as a data-hub for additional services including inventory management and personalization specific for their customer demographic.

Online Apparel

The online apparel market is the fastest-growing segment within eCommerce and is expected to hit $73B by 2016. Here's some data that keeps us up at night:

  • Average return rate 28%

  • Average conversion rate 2.5%

  • Average return rate with Fashion Metric 1.8%

  • Average conversion rate with Fashion Metric 7.2%

Why Fashion Metric?

The average online apparel retailer experiences a return rate of 28%. The vast majority of these returns are due to fit issues. Fashion Metric's Fit Technology is proven to reduce returns without requiring complex coding or integration overhead.
The #1 reason why apparel shoppers don't buy online is because of uncertainty around fit. In 1999 the average conversion rate on an apparel e-commerce website was 2% - 2.5%, fast-forward to today and those numbers haven't budged. Fashion Metric allows apparel brands and retailers to give their customers the data they need to buy online with confidence.
Most online apparel retailers only know their customers, name, address, and purchase history. What they don't know is if the customer liked the sizes they purchased in the past or any information about their body measurements. Thanks to Fashion Metric apparel brands and retailers can collect more information about their customers than ever before.

Our Products

Multi-brand Retailers

Fashion Metric can help multi-brand retailers suggest the best size for their customers anywhere on their site.

Apparel Brands

Apparel brands can use Fashion Metric to improve their existing patterns to better fit a wider range of customers.

Custom Clothiers

Fashion Metric brings custom clothiers online by making it easy to fit customers without ever having to measure them in person.

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